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This exciting virtual program is designed to encourage the next generation to pursue careers in public service and elected office. Over seven 2-hour Saturday morning sessions beginning February 3, students will engage in interactive and inspiring activities with exposure to women legislators, career options, and the inner workings of a political campaign. The program will culminate in a team competition to create a realistic campaign simulation on March 16. All meetings are held via Zoom, and the program is free.

The AAUW California (CA) Gov Trek 2023–2024 program was launched on October 16. High school junior and senior girls can begin to apply to the program.

To learn the details about registration, please visit the CA AAUW Gov Trev website.

Orientation November 12, Volunteers Needed
Interested prospective students and volunteers are asked to attend an online orientation meeting on November 12 to learn more about the program. This year, AAUW CA wants us to recruit 140 students. Adult volunteers are also needed to monitor Zoom breakout rooms at each session.

Last year, AAUW San Ramon sponsored Hailey Godin as our representative, and she was on the team that won the competition. Hailey continues to be involved with the Gov trek program by serving on the state advisory board and as a mentor for new students. Hailey spoke positively about her experience at our May membership meeting and also at the peer group meeting for branch coordinators on October 16. She said that AAUW tries to maintain positive contacts with the students it recruits. A highlight of last year’s program was a video address by Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi.


Gov Trek is an exciting new virtual program administered by AAUW California. It is designed to gain young women’s interest in pursuing careers in public service and elected office. In its inaugural year, Gov Trek trained 40 young women leaders of tomorrow, and we are fortunate that Hailey Godin represented our San Ramon branch. Gov Trek is for junior and senior high school girls throughout the state. They participated in five 2-hour Saturday sessions, learning from current and former legislators, staffers, and consultants from all over the country. The program was designed to help women prepare to run a political campaign via a team competition.

Hailey was on Team Alaina, which won the Grand Prize. You can read about the program here,  and view the final competition videos on the CA AAUW Gov Trek page here.



“It is a possibility for young women everywhere.”


Hailey’s comments: “For me, the program was exactly what I needed at precisely the right time. About a year ago I realized I wanted to pursue a career invested in human rights. What stood out most was the diversity of government positions represented by the speakers. I saw that I didn’t have to limit myself to a specific career or major going into college as my path could wander elsewhere within the broad spectrum of government jobs. Of course, we got to hear of the hardships faced by women in a male-dominated field, but these were not sob stories, they were clearly a call to action. The program was truly amazing through its empowerment and its simplification of such a detailed process. I remember going into the campaign simulation concerned that I would have no idea how to do my part. However, the program laid out the process well and allowed for freedom and creativity which showed me just how realistic the process was. It is a possibility for young women everywhere. It is something that I can do if I so desire. The possibilities are endless, not just jobs, but also the passions supplied and supported by government and political positions as well. We need new ideas and fresh minds in politics. We need innovation and empowerment. We need more women in government.”

On January 28th we launched our inaugural virtual Gov Trek session with just over 60 future leaders and 40 volunteers in attendance from across California!

We were all honored to air a welcome video from Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi to launch this amazing program. We have received permission from the Office of Nancy Pelosi for each California branch to post the video on their websites and social media. Please use the messaging and link below:

Exciting News!  AAUW California 2023 Gov Trek’s inaugural session started with a video address from fellow Californian SPEAKER EMERITA NANCY PELOSI.  We were privileged to have the first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives greet us as we begin our journey together to explore careers in public office and elected positions.

Five distinguished women leaders addressed Gov Trek participants in the Women in Leadership Panel. They  covered topics on elective office and public service at different levels of government, including the skills and challenges involved with them, and other related career paths in leadership and political participation. ·

The speakers were:

  • Kathleen Van Osten, AAUW California Advocate and Lobbyist
  • Ellen Montanari, Deputy Campaign Manager, Rep Mike Levin
  • Regina Luzincourt, Lobbyist and Former Press Secretary, State Senator Parker
  • Shana Hazan, VP San Diego Unified School Board
  • Griselda Ramirez, Senior Director of Community Engagement, Partnerships, and Strategic Initiatives, Office of San Diego County Board of Supervisor Chair, Nora Vargas

Click HERE to watch Gov Trek Session 1.

There are four more inspiring Gov Trek sessions including the Gov Trek Finale & Campaign Competition! The speaker sessions will be recorded and available to AAUW California members on the website HERE in the Student Program Materials section.

We can’t wait to see how our future leaders will change the world!

Shauna Ruyle, Gov Trek Program Director,