Branch History

In the spring of 1982, a small group of women met and agreed that the area know as San Ramon was indeed ready for its own branch of AAUW. We were growing in numbers and on the verge of becoming a city. At that time, some women were members of the two bordering branches: Danville-Alamo or Livermore-Pleasanton. However, we wanted a branch that met the needs of the women in the workplace, new families, retirees and all other interested persons. This meant that our meetings would be in the evenings and geared to our member’s needs. Our charter was granted in 1983 and thus began the San Ramon AAUW.

San Ramon Branch Past Presidents

Year Name
1982-83 Judy McFarlane
1983-84 Susan O’Hair
1984-85 Karen Reinthaler
1985-86 Bridget Nelson
1986-87 Marilyn Box
1987-88 Fran Bartholemew
1988-89 Lois Farness
1989-90 Martha Server
1990-91 Joann Moisan
1991-92 Chris Burchik
1992-93 Pat Kelly
1993-94 Jennifer Roberts
1994-95 Kim Guilano
1995-96 Kristin Ivani
1996-97 Jacki Falkenroth & Susan O’Hair
1997-98 Ann Hayden
1998-99 Cheryl Albright & Gloria Fong
1999-2000 Sue Cofer & Margie Goldware
2000-2001 Pauline Nolte & Allison Winaker

2001-2002 Pauline Nolte & Jane Young

2002-2003 Janice Colby & Cheryl Albright

2003-2004 Janice Colby & Diane Griffiths

2004-2005 Diane Griffiths & Julie Gin

2005-2006 Margie Goldware

2006-2008 Cindy Alpert

2008-2009 Cheri Ng & Lucy Weed


2009-2011 Joy Perkins

2011-2012  Nancy Southern & Stella Hadjimarkos

2012 – 2013 Stella Hadjimarkos & Betsy Hoffmann

Co-Presidents: Stella Hadjimarkos and Betsy Hoffmann

2013 – 2016 Cindy Alpert

2016 – 2017 Millie Kessler

2017 – 2021 Chris Burchik and Lucy Weed

2021-23 Janice Colby and Kathleen Schaub