“She’s All That” Conference

She’s All That!

Saturday, February 9

9:00 AM–3:00 PM

San Ramon Valley High School

501 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Danville

The  “She’s All That!” Conference started as a way to help middle school girls address issues most affecting their lives,” said Soroptimist Conference Marketing Chair Robyn Forman, a San Ramon resident. Ms. Forman believes this event makes a difference in the lives of middle-school girls. She says, “If we wait until high school to reach these girls, it’s too late. They need to feel comfortable in their own skin and we believe ‘She’s All That!’ will help them get them there.”

Parents are invited to attend with their daughters, but the parents participate in different workshops and listen to a different keynote speaker.

The keynote speaker for adults this year is Amy Sluss, R.N., who will discuss how parents can support their daughters. Her talk, “Raising Confident Daughters,” will emphasize the challenges today’s young women face and contrast them to what their parents may have faced in prior generations.

The keynote speaker for the girls is Chris Howard, Chevron Talent Management Advisor. According to Robyn Forman, Ms. Howard has been lauded as a role model for young women and will share her passion for helping others to better the lives of women and children locally.

Following the keynote speeches, the girls and parents participate in three workshops selected from the list when they registered for the conference. The workshop list for girls includes sessions on talking to boys, self defense, relating to parents, dealing with mean girls, yoga, social savvy, and personal style. The workshop list for parents includes presentations on nurturing the pre-teen soul, healthy relationships, teen empowerment, and cyber safety. A “Live Your Dream” expo with informational exhibits will supplement the workshops for both parents and daughters.

To volunteer, you can either contact our branch liaison, Kim Giuliano, or you can follow the link below, which takes you directly to the Soroptimist sign-up sheet. It also lets you select the shifts you would like to volunteer for—whether it be the morning, afternoon, lunch break, or all of them: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0F49ACA82AAA8-shes2/1240713. If you sign up for the entire day, lunch will be provided for you.