Welcome to AAUW San Ramon

San Ramon Branch Mission Statement

The San Ramon Branch of AAUW promotes equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and scholarships. We build relationships among local women and support our purpose through community engagement, events, activities, and educating programs that enrich our lives.


The San Ramon Branch of AAUW was established in 1982 to promote equity and education for women and girls in the San Ramon area. Our branch supports a number of community action projects, and we raise funds for scholarships and grants for women. We also support women in academia who have been unfairly denied tenure. But most of all, San Ramon AAUW provides our members with opportunities to associate with like minded women and men through our fun activities and special interest groups. We join because of what AAUW stands for, and we stay because of the friendships we make.

San Ramon AAUW has a monthly board meeting that is open to the membership as well as monthly general meetings. Members may participate in as many special interest groups as they like and are also encouraged to serve on committees for community action projects.

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