Expanding Your Horizons

expanding_horizonsAAUW San Ramon members proudly volunteer for this program. Below are a few highlights from Saturday’s event.

Amazing everyday chemistry at the “Wow! Look at those properties changing!” class offered by Sara Balander of Clorox.


Girls discovered the many robots we use everyday at the “Look out! We’re surrounded by LEGO Robotics!” workshop, presented by Donna Edwards of Sandia National Laboratories.


Girls experienced hands-on what veterinary staff do at the “Junior Vets for Pets” workshop by Drs. Brenda Mills and Susan Donnetti.


Expanding Your Horizons

Saturday, March 2       9:30 AM2:30 PM

Las Positas College   3000 Campus Hill Drive, Livermore

The Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is an annual conference specially designed for 6th- through 9th-grade girls to encourage them to consider education and career options in science and mathematics.

About 300 girls from the Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Sunol, and San Ramon school districts attend. Girls from other school districts may also register.

Girls attend two 90-minute workshops that provide hands-on science- or math-related activities and enable the girls to interact with professionals and science enthusiasts.

Attendance per workshop is normally limited to 20 students to keep the instruction personal and interactive. The workshops include titles/themes such as Junior Vets for Pets, PC Maintenance and Repair, Life in a Vacuum, Green Power, Look Out! We’re Surrounded by LEGO™ Robotics, Digital Makeovers, and Negotiation Workshop.

In addition to their workshop selections, girls also visit numerous career displays and are able to interact with professionals from industry, government, academia, and public service. They can discuss career and education choices in a friendly and relaxed environment. Girls will also participate in science-based special activities.

To volunteer, you can contact the D/A/WC AAUW EYH Co-Chairs directly: Iris Stone at iris.stone@bankofamerica.com or Pam Burdusis at p.burdusis@comcast.net or sign up directly at http://www.tveyh.org.