Branch Officers

2021 – 2022 Elected Officers


Janice Colby and Kathleen Schaub

Immediate Past President

Chris Burchik and Lucy Weed

Co-Vice Presidents, Programs

Cindy Alpert and Lynda Gann

Co-Vice Presidents, Membership

Harvalee Grimm, Betsy Hoffmann, and Margo James

Co-Vice Presidents, AAUW Funds

Pam Bugbee and Elaine Graves

Co-Vice Presidents, Local Scholarships

Julie Gin, Susan Walker-Christensen, and Loranne Weir

              Vice President, Finance

Claire Mailhiot and Patty Nobles

Co-Recording Secretaries

Judy Bracken and Beth Robertson

2021 – 2022 Appointed Officers

Art & Wind Festival

Janet Williams


Isabel Lau

Corresponding Secretary

Lois Kamoroff


Andree Chagnon and Betsy Hoffmann


Marsha Froines and Carol Lombardi

Public Policy

Catherine Lewis

Tech Trek

Stella  Hadjimarkos and Cordelia Hwang